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I’m calling you!

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With wildlife photography I always have the FOMO feeling. An example of this is when I walk back to the car, I’m constantly looking behind to see if there is something awesome happening in the field. On this frosty morning I did the same and I’m happy I did, otherwise I would have missed this shot. The moment I decided to end the session I walked back to the car and while I looked behind me I suddenly saw this black bull slowly walking in my direction. Seeing a black Teddycow is special because there aren’t a lot of them, only a handful. And capturing an expression like this with such frosty vibes was just magical, it was like he was calling me while I was heading back to my car! Artist: Nick Bng Edition: 1/1 NFT Benefits package for collectors of Teddycows in winter wonderland: Every 1/1 NFT from Teddycows in winter wonderland comes with the opportunity, for the first owner of the NFT, to claim a signed print on Hahnemühle paper of the 1/1 NFT they own from the collection. Owners of a 1/1 NFT from Teddycows in winter wonderland will get the opportunity to have a GM coffee-call with Nick. Every owner of a 1/1 NFT from Teddycows in winter wonderland will have a 24 hour access to the presale of future NFT projects by Nick. Nick likes to surprise, so there will definitely be surprises in the future for the owners of 1/1 NFT’s from Teddycows in winter wonderland.
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