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NFT Launchpad – Our Choice

This NFT creator app tops our list and that is for a reason. It appeared in February 2022 and since the launch has been heavily used by sellers, buyers, and miners, who need an efficient tool for managing NFTs.

In fact, it serves as a marketplace with lots of features and services for convenient work. There you can find an abundance of NFTs stored on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon blockchains. The most feted thing about this app is its straightforward and neatly organized interface, so all processes are easy to monitor. Besides, you can use it both in desktop and mobile environments.

If you are pondering on secure ways to improve your financial state, this tool is worth trying out. It allows mining NFTs with ease when most operations are carried out without your manual intervention. Here you can set your own royalties and rarity level, thus, earn money in a passive way through secondary market sales. The application comes with a broad range of unique assets, including NFT photography pieces, games, animations, videos, etc.

Looking through available collections, you’ll see Punk Dogs, Great Ape Society, as well as one of the most popular games – Lucky Platinum Rollers Club. Concerning wallets, the app supports MetaMask and Trust Wallet.