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Silks may be a virtual horse racing game, but it incorporates real-world elements to make the game realistic. The game’s developers incorporated the births of real horses into this game, making it a derivative NFT project.

But horses develop throughout the years, so the game is capable of tracking a real horse’s growth and physical traits to provide players with the latest information about thoroughbreds.

Silks enables players to earn while they play. One way for players to earn is by turning their land into horse farms. Players can add assets to their farms to make them more valuable and also speculate on land.

Another way of earning is by participating in horse races and breeding horses. Contributing to the ecosystem is also rewarded, and the game enables players to stake their $SLK, the platform’s native token. Considering Silks has done such a great job at converting real-world horses into a virtual game, it’s definitely one of the best play-to-earn games.