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How to Prepare for an NFT Drop: Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare for an NFT Drop Tips and Tricks

If you’re a newbie wondering how to start investing and which NFT drop is the one to wait for eagerly, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will be talking about a few examples of NFTs and how you can participate in the popular NFT drops and secure them.

What is an NFT Drop?

An NFT drop is a phenomenon in which a digital asset, usually a one-of-a-kind art piece, is made available for others to purchase of course with cryptocurrency. The term “drop” refers to how the NFTs are released for sale and are ready for other people to take ownership. They are often released in limited quantities and for a limited period.

NFT drops are organized by the artist or the owner of the NFT and are done on a specific website. Some of these NFT drops are highly in demand after their release and a lot of creators and celebrities also invest in these NFT drops which expands the reach of these drops and makes them more popular with the public.

The size and the price of an NFT drop varies from one artist to the other. Some of these are extremely rare to find while others are not. Some of these NFT drops go for a high value, sometimes even in millions while some drops are even free of cost. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people nowadays are interested in the NFT market, it has something for everyone to take part in and invest.


nft drops free


How to find NFT drops free?

You can get NFT drops for free in a lot of ways. Some of these are NFT marketplaces, social media, NFT calendars, and Instant Messaging Channels.

  1. NFT marketplaces- This is one of the easiest ways to get to know various NFT drops. These marketplaces have a different section altogether to show you the various upcoming NFTs. NFT marketplaces filter through these NFTs based on the blockchain like Ethereum.
  2. Social Media- Another efficient way to know about an NFT drop is through social media. One of the social media platforms which is the most popular is Twitter. Other platforms that you can check out are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You must follow various NFT-related accounts on these apps to get more instant and accurate information about an NFT drop.
  3. Instant Messaging Channels- Instant Messaging Channels like Discord, and Telegram also have chats where people are discussing NFTs in general and if you are interested enough you can join in the conversation. These help you find out about the most recent NFT drops.
  4. NFT Calendars- NFT calendars are one of the most popular ways to get to about an NFT drop on the Ethereum Blockchain. Drops on other blockchain technologies like Solana are also notified on the calendar. The dates and times of the NFT drops are there on the Calendar, so it is a great help when you are eagerly waiting for a particular NFT drop.

NFT Drop Schedule or NFT Drops Calendar

The drops Calendars serve as an important platform for gathering information about the NFT drop schedule. These calendars reveal certain important details about the drop like the drop date, time, and projects related to it and they also have the link to the specific drop pages attached to the information.

No matter at what level you are in the NFT world, whether you are an investor, collector, buyer, or owner of an NFT, you can get valuable information about a drop.

Just like our Google calendar tracks the events coming up in our lives, the NFT calendar tracks the upcoming drops that have been scheduled recently. This is a really important part of the NFT world because it helps in the promotion of an NFT drop if you are a collector and it helps you collect a rare NFT drop if you are a collector or buyer. It helps you make well-informed decisions about your NFT purchases.


nft drop schedule


Here are a few benefits of an NFT Calendar:-

  1. It helps you stay informed about various drops coming up that you might be interested in.
  2. When you know when the bigger NFT drops are happening and if other drops could benefit you more, will help you make informed decisions about your NFT purchases.
  3. It helps you explore various NFT projects that you might not even know about if not for the NFT Calendar.
  4. Another unique feature of an NFT calendar is that you can keep a check on the performance of your NFTs, you can make your distinctions between good investments and bad ones accordingly, and then make a decision about your next investment.

Hottest Upcoming NFT Drops


MetaMetals are covered with highly scarce precious metals. These are crystallized precious metals with a digital counterpart. They are made when atoms are combined with the algorithm. Their designs are derived from 3D modeling and therefore, make them extremely important for you to have in your wallet. They are set to be released on August 17, 2024.

Meta Ape Gang

Meta Ape Gang is an upcoming Solana drop. The various features of this NFT drop include- flashy jewelry, expensive accessories, and bold fashion choices. If these are the features, I bet you already know what this drop represents, we’ll help you, it represents the rich of the metaverse universe who are striving to get richer and more exclusive in the universe.


Just like any other kind of meme, these Solana memes represent a diversity of people like musicians, poets, artists, underdogs, and other talented individuals. This NFT drop will have memes on art, music, animations, jokes, and comics. Because these are memes they will be fun and vibrant, thanks to their vibrant retro-dotted designs. They will be bold so much so that they even feel like they’re jumping out of the screen. This is another Solana drop.

Solana Ludo

I guess the name is enough to excite you if you were one of the kids who loved playing ludo. Solana Ludo is bringing the same fun and inviting vibe to the NFT drops calendar this year. You can participate in P2E Ludo games and gain some exciting rewards. The same team has also announced that SLUDO Tokens drop soon for the same participating in P2E Ludo games.

So if you are nostalgic for childhood games, this is the exact drop that is made for you. It also has a good potential to blow up in the future.

NFTLinkShare is a site that caters to your NFT needs, wherein you get your updates about the hottest drops and you don’t have to lose out on important opportunities to invest in the hottest drops.


drops calendar


Wrapping it Up!

In this article, we discussed the various tips and tricks to get to know how you can get to know about drops for free. NFT Calendars are one of the best sources to do that and also promote your drop because it brings visibility to your content. Lastly, we talked about some of the hottest upcoming drops that you can invest in and are safe enough that your investment might just multiply into a good amount of money.

There are a few frequently asked questions answered below:

What is an NFT drop?

An NFT drop is the release of a new NFT or an NFT collection wherein the NFTs are made available for the people interested in it to purchase. It happens at a specific time and on a specific date. A benefit of knowing about different drops is that if you get to know about an NFT drop as early as possible you can get it for a cheaper price before its value increases.

What is the difference between NFT collection and NFT drop?

The word “drop” means the release of a new collection to the general public allowing the collector who first buys the NFT to mint it ft them. On the other hand, a collection is the process of creating a variety of NFTs and grouping them under one name, this is the kind of NFT drop that has a lot of people aiming to buy because it has an opportunity for more than just one person

How to catch an NFT drop?

There are various of getting to know about an NFT drop like an NFT calendar which is the most efficient and popular way of knowing if the creator that you are a fan of has planned for it or if you want to explore your choices, you can get to know about a new drop in the house. The other ways are social media, instant messaging on Discord and Telegram, etc.

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