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What are the Best NFT to Buy for Maximum Profits?

best NFT to buy

Are you also an investor looking to invest in NFTs? We’ve got the perfect suggestions for you! This article talks about some of the best NFTs that you can buy for maximum profit.

What is NFT art?

NFTs are bringing about a revolution in the world of digital art, turning it upside down with the help of technology and digitization of the world. It has completely changed the game of traditional art and brought about digitization in the field of collectibles.

NFT art can be anything beginning from a video, a musical composition, or digital art and it can even include traditional art being minted into a digital one. The NFT world is a  risky business, it is a growing world for investors.

It is, therefore, important for them to know which ones are the best NFT to buy, which includes the fact that which includes the fact that you must have a sufficient amount of money that you can risk. Every evolving market starts attracting investors looking to multiply their money and the ones who are experienced know where to invest, risking the least amount of money.

NFT Link Share introduces the NFT world in a very easy-to-access manner. So taking it step by step, we would break down your NFT investment and how you can do it wisely, including tips on finding the best NFT to buy.

why should i buy an nft

Why should you buy an NFT?

The decision to buy an NFT and the determination to invest in the best NFT to buy majorly depends on your interest in collectibles and digital art, it also depends on how much are you willing to risk your money. There are a few reasons why you should consider buying an NFT:

  • To meet people who have similar interests and join a community. There are quite a few NFTs that come with extraterritorial rights like a lot of them have their community on Discord.

    For example, an NFT project called the Royal Society of Players, which provides poker-based NFTs, gives you access to join various poker tournaments and more once you buy their NFTs. It has built a strong community and continues to do so even today.Once you buy their NFTs, you can also gain incentives to build the best hand in the game.


  • You can buy an NFT simply because you love the artist and their work. NFTs also are doing something objectively positive for the world.NFTs create extra income for your favorite artists and help them financially so that they can keep creating for the world.It is even an opportunity for the artist where their career can take flight.This is because the NFT market for art is a lot more different than the traditional markets where art is usually showcased. Every painting gets visibility in the NFT market and gets its correct value which traditional markets would not have been able to provide.For example, the digital artist Beeple had never sold a piece of art for more than $ 100 but one of the other paintings was sold for approximately $69 million in the NFT market recently.


  • With NFTs the new trend of play-to-earn games has come up wherein each of your tools is a specific NFT and you can earn cryptocurrency tokens for playing the game. The NFT market also allows the tools in the game to be utilized by the creators to be used in creating other games.It is like bestowing the NFT you earned to a new game that you have created to give it a new shape. This also has a lot of potential.


  • Metaverse is a popularly emerging idea. You must have heard the word Meta when Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta and there also have been additions of Meta AI on Instagram and WhatsApp. The NFT world also has a part of the Meta world in it, by the way of introducing many forms of Metaverses in it, for example, Sandbox is an NFT-based Metaverse. Big Companies have already started making their claims in it. Therefore, NFT also gives you a chance to invest in the Metaverse and start making your claims since NFTs are an emerging market and investing in them could result in more profits for you.


  • Flipping an NFT has become a very popular trend. NFT flipping involves buying an NFT at a low price with the aspiration of reselling it later for a substantial profit. While windfall stories exist, they are not the norm. A more strategic approach aligns with an investor’s risk tolerance and overall financial objectives. It is usually tough to find a good project for you to invest in that will give you major returns. Like normal marketing scams, NFT scams also have their strategies for scams where the creators of an NFT would hype up their product and after selling it to you disappear with the money. Exercising caution in the NFT market is paramount. With the growth of NFT scams, your financial security should be absolutely necessary to protect you.

These are a few reasons why you should consider investing in NFTs and deciding upon the best NFT to buy. It is an emerging market and it does have a lot of potential which can result in positive money returns and a good form of art that you can store as your favourite collectible. On the other hand, like any other online concern, NFTs also have their own set of risks.

There are various NFT sites on which you can list your NFTs and they are the trusted ones to buy NFTs from. NFT Link Share is a trusted site where you can list your NFTs, it is an easy-to-use site that a new investor can easily begin listing their NFTs with. 

OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Mintable, Foundation, Nifty Gateway, etc., these sites are trustworthy enough for you to start investing in NFTs. They offer a wide space to the artists as well as the creators of videos, graphics, and pictures to experiment with their art and sell it for a profit. You might get unique pieces of art on these sites!

how to buy NFT

Is buying an NFT worth it?

If you are a collectible or a digital art enthusiast, NFTs could be worth for you to buy, if you make a firm decision on the best NFT to buy. If we consider the standards of traditional art collecting, we would question that what is the meaning of buying art that you do not get to hang in your room.

But for someone interested in digital art, investing in collectibles, and NFTs can be worth investing in it. Adding to that, traditional art on display was only available to people who were higher on the financial scale but NFTs are available to all no matter the financial status of a person.

They are available at a few hundred dollars as well as a million. Therefore, since NFTs have a growing market, your small investment could result in a bigger profit.

Identifying the best NFT to buy could potentially yield significant profits from even a modest initial investment.

What are the Best NFT to buy in 2024?

After giving an overview of why you should buy an NFT and if they are worth buying, we have finally arrived at the main focus of the article i.e., which out of all are the best NFT to buy.  NFTs are a risky business, but if you know your facts and know where to invest to gain maximum profits, you can be a successful investor in the NFT market.

Following are some of the best NFT to buy that are currently thriving in the market and are probably the best ones for you to invest your money in:

1. T.G. Casino- 

If you are a Casino connesuir, then this NFT is the best NFT to buy for you.

T.G. Casino is a new development in the field of crypto. It is present on Telegram and offers hundreds of casino games that can be played with crypto.

Each T.G. Casino NFT that you buy will increase your staking rewards and casino benefits in the Telegram-based game.

2. CryptoPunks-

Imagine back in 2017, way before NFTs were all the rage. Two techie buddies, Larva Labs, decided to create a collection of 10,000 unique pixelated characters.

These weren’t your average avatars though – they were some of the first-ever NFTs, making them super rare and collectible. 

Think of them like a digital clubhouse with only 10,000 members, each with their unique style – funky hairstyles, wild beards, cool clothes, and some even have crazy accessories! Back then, you could snag one of these characters for free.

Now? They fetch millions of dollars because they’re one-of-a-kind pieces of history. These OG NFTs are like the cool seniors of the NFT world.

They built on this tech called Ethereum blockchain and helped pave the way for the whole NFT craze. They even influenced how digital art is bought and sold today. They’re the reason why people are spending millions on digital stuff!

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Bored Ape Kennel Club- 

These two NFT collections have caught the eye of a lot of investors in recent times. The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection consists of 10,000 pieces of hand-drawn apes, which might seem absurd to read but these apes all have different personalities and traits.

They are comic-book-style portraits and are getting popular by the day. It not only allows you to buy these NFTs but also has other advantages that come along with buying them.

An entrance into a virtual world is what you get by buying these NFTs. This virtual world has been created for the apes and makes the buying experience more attractive.

It also provides the owners with special access to certain events and experiences. They have been completely sold out and you can buy these from their existing owners through various marketplaces such as OpenSea.

They have been sold and resold for millions of dollars and have a renowned name in the NFT market. The Bored Ape Kennel Club is very similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

It also consists of various characters but here, these are dogs instead of apes. They all have their unique appearances and characteristics.

These are also as rare as the apes of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. They are 10,00 hand-drawn characters.

This project focuses on the ownership of digital pets and makes it quite fun. You can participate in community events, each of the pets has its backstory and personality traits and you can even participate in dog shows!

4. Pudgy Penguins-

 A well-known NFT project that consists of 8,888 hand-drawn penguins, each with a different style and personality. They are all made in cute and artistic styles which has become quite popular in the NFT world.

It is a community-based collection that gives its owners access to certain events and experiences that are not available to the public. This collection is a good example of community building through NFT collections, a lot of closed-knit groups in this community work together on various projects and initiatives.

Pudgy Penguins is a community that also does something positive for the world. This is the commitment that they have shown towards environmental activism.

Some amount of money from each sale of the collection is taken out and given to environmental organizations, which also gives a positive purpose and creates an impact on the collection in the real world. It has also added utility to the NFT projects which was not seen before this.

The people who buy these NFTs get the opportunity to join a loyalty program through which they can get access to the upcoming drops, merchandise, and other initiatives by the collection. These were a few of the reasons why Pudgy Penguins is getting so much fame in the NFT world.

5. Beeple-

Beeple is another NFT collection that is doing quite well in the NFT world. It was created by one of the most favorite creators of the NFT market, Mike Winkelman.

The NFT picture, Early Days: The First 5000 Days was sold at $69 million and has become the talk of the NFT town. With the sale of this picture, the NFT world came into the mainstream and the visibility of a lot of investors.

6. Invisible Friends- 

This is an NFT collection that has been made by a Random Character Collective NFT ecosystem which also created the Garbage Friends NFT collection. It was designed by Markus Magnusson and has attracted quite a lot of attention in the NFT world.

He has drawn as well as animated 5,000 non-fungible tokens. They also have their 3D versions which Magnusson created along with Nguyen Nhut.

Each Invisible Friend in this collection has its backstory, personality, and traits. The unique factor about these characters is that they are invisible and only their clothes and accessories can be seen.

This characteristic has made this collection a little more engaging and interesting for investors since it has added a bit of mystery and intrigue to the collection. And like the other collections mentioned, Invisible Friends also gives certain privileges to the people who buy it like giving access to events and experiences not available for the public.

They also give Priority access to various NFT collectors and also give free airdrops. Invisible Friends is a limited edition, rare collection that has gained a lot of popularity in the NFT market lately.

best nft

Wrapping It Up

This article majorly focused on why should you invest in NFTs, whether is it worth it, and what the best NFT to buy in 2024.

Some other popular NFTs that are considered to be best NFT to buy are:-  The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) which is very similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, this has various hand-drawn apes but with certain mutations in them; Mad Labs is a very popular NFT on the Solana Blockchain, on each NFT there is a different character with a different backstory which makes these NFTs even more interesting; Stepn, Moonbirds, The Captainz, Silks are other famous NFTs that you can consider buying.

NFT Link Share provides you with a platform to get to know some of the best NFTs of 2024 and along with that gives you a stage to start producing your NFTs.

  1. How much does an NFT cost to buy?

The initial minting cost of NFTs for novel projects can fluctuate between 0.01 and 1.0 ETH (approximately $10 – $1000). Conversely, the purchase price of existing NFTs varies considerably, ranging from 0.001 ETH to 100 ETH (roughly $1 – $100,000).

  1. Is buying an NFT worth it?

Buying an NFT could be extremely risky right now. NFTs are a volatile part of an already volatile market and therefore, you need to know exactly what you are doing before you invest. Even traditional art and collectibles for that matter are hard to value and difficult to invest in if you don’t understand the market.

  1. Is an NFT worth real money?

NFTs have been transforming the digital realm one step at a time. To begin with- yes NFTs are worth investing in. When we delve deeper into why NFTs are worth investing in, there are a lot of reasons that clear up this question, one of which is that when the world moves forward we have to move too along with it.

  1. Can you create NFT for free?

The creation of NFTs, also known as minting, can be facilitated without upfront costs on certain platforms. However, these platforms may employ alternative fee structures, such as transferring the minting cost to the NFT purchaser. Various sites help you with this task like NFT Link Share, and OpenSea.

  1. What type of NFT sells best?

The diverse NFT market offers various investment opportunities, including profile picture NFTs, musical compositions, in-game assets, utility-driven tokens, and digital artwork. The optimal selection hinges on both market trends and individual investor preferences.

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