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How to Buy Cheap NFT Art Without Breaking the Bank

How to Buy Cheap NFT Art Without Breaking the Bank

With NFTs becoming popular daily, the question is how can you be a part of this NFT blowup without breaking the bank, and how to buy cheap NFT art? In this article, we’ll be elaborating on the various ways to save your money while investing in trustworthy NFTs.

The NFT Blowup

The NFT marketplaces have seen a lot of big purchases during the last few years. NFTs have been bought for 69 dollars as well as 69 million dollars. A Beeple artwork was sold for $69 million, making it the most expensive NFT.

In the year 2020, the gaming, art, and financial marketplaces, altogether produced a cumulative of $ 46 million. From that year on, the cumulative only kept on increasing, producing $ 41 million in 2021 and so on, in the next 3 years.

Although you might think that you are late to be part of this NFT boom, you can still start buying cheap NFT art which has the potential to explode and give you higher profits in the upcoming years.

In recent times, NFTs have been outperforming cryptocurrencies, because of the influential energy that it has posed on the young generations through its most popular artists like Jay-Z and Eminem purchasing NFTs and posting about them on their Twitter accounts.

This popularized NFTs even more, so how do you know what is the amount that people are willing to invest in an NFT and how do you know which are the cheapest NFTs that you can invest in because all good NFTs would already have a lot of bidders for it, how to buy cheap NFT art which is also worth the money?

NFT Link Share provides you with a platform to enhance your NFT collection with cheap NFTs!

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Strategies for Successful Investments: How to Buy Cheap NFT Art

A guide on how to buy cheap NFT art which might as well give you higher returns?


  • Do not invest in NFT blue chips if you are a new investor. What are NFT blue chips? These are certain NFTs that are very expensive and could be a risk to invest in as a new investor. Some examples of NFT blue chips are- CryptoPunks, this is an original NFT collection launched in 2017 producing only 10,000 NFTs and is considered one of the most expensive NFTs in the market; Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which is one of the most popular NFTs that have different portraits of apes, each portrait has an ape dressed differently and with different accessories, etc. One of the marketplaces that you can look for when you are searching for NFT blue chips if you have the money to invest in is Art Block which features limited additional NFTs by well-known artists. The prices in Art Block start at around $ 16,000. NFT Link Share is also an excellent site where you can search for NFT Blue Chips.
  • Now your first step toward the answer to how to buy cheap NFT art is that you’ll have to find affordable NFTs that are about to blow up. Yes, we all enjoy owning a successful NFT but for a start in the market, you need to find NFTs with the potential to blow up. You have to start investing by buying cheap NFT art because investing a lot of money in a new market could be risky.
  • How about buying cheap NFT art which is although new, trustworthy? Find new NFT products before they get released, know everything about them, from their history, and their creation, and then decide if they are worth investing in. For this, you can use various tools like rarity. tools and UpcomingNfts. Rarity. tools, for example, can tell you the basics of the product before it gets released into the market and thereby, you can decide if you want to spend your money on it.
  • As a new investor, your goal should be how to buy cheap NFT art and sell it at a higher price because you are just getting started, and putting a lot of money at stake is very risky.
  • Look for some specific qualities when you are thinking of how to buy cheap NFT art like do you think the piece is unique, whether it has the potential of exploding in the future, whether it has social media, whether it has a working website, etc.
  • You should always like the art you buy. Although art is subjective, make sure the piece that you are buying is original and good at a bigger level. This is because it will affect the price of the piece if it is already too low on the popularity list. Another caution is that your first attempt at how to buy cheap NFT art and getting back high profits from it may not be as successful, so therefore, you need to ensure that if you get stuck with a piece of cheap NFT art, at least it’s the one you like and not the other way nft 
  • Social Media is a great way of analyzing if a cheap NFT art piece is, firstly, not a scam and secondly, the potential of it. The NFT collectibles have to have a social media either on Twitter or Discord. You can also come to know about the founder of the NFT and you can know the authenticity of the piece. The NFT creators must reveal their artists, it would be quite suspicious if they don’t. You can go on their social media, look at the previous uploads find the account of the founder tagged or mentioned on their account, and track the personal opinions and progress of the founder too.
  • The Website of the NFTs is another important source of their legitimacy. It should state everything about the NFT starting from their founder’s details, their social media accounts, their roadmap, their whitepapers, their partnerships, etc. Good Websites are of high quality and therefore, you should check small details like spelling mistakes, content, etc. of the website. Some NFT projects have their crypto and in that case, that should also be listed on their website.
  • Beware of scammers. A lot of people have started buying followers on social media just to showcase the legitimacy of their NFT collections. You’ll have to manually check the posts and profiles of the social media accounts of the NFT collection.

These are a few steps on how to buy cheap NFT art and to ensure that if you are buying a cheap NFT, it is firstly worth the price and secondly, has the potential of exploding in the future and giving you higher gains. NFT Link Share is an authentic site that provides you with a diversity of cheap NFT art to buy or invest in.

Reliable and Cheap NFTs that you can buy in 2024

After giving you a few steps on how to buy cheap NFT art, here are some of our suggestions for NFTs that are cheap and reliable to invest in:


    1. Genzee- This NFT collection is one of the collections that is up and coming. It is very similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection but instead of apes, it has portraits of humans and is cheaper. Each Human is drawn in the form of a cartoon character with different accessories and clothes for each. This project has good potential because Gen Z has a deep interest in fashion and since this project shows the individuality of each human portrayed, it might be attractive to Gen Z in the future as well. It could be one of your options when you are searching for how to buy cheap NFT art.
    2. Tamadoge- This is a Meme Coin Project. Since the Meme language is one of the most popular languages that we love to communicate in, this project seems to have a lot of potentials. It is based on a cute breed of dog called Shiba Inu, which has been the subject of a lot of memes recently. It offers an answer to the question of how to buy cheap NFT art which also attracts a lot of investors, NFT enthusiasts, and even dog lovers. It also has a philanthropic side to it, some portion of the funds collected from this NFT is donated to dog shelters and organizations.
    3. Encryptas- If you are a fashion enthusiast and are looking for ideas on how to buy cheap NFT art according to your interest, this is the NFT collection for you. It is a little different from the usual NFT style. It is very minimalistic. It has the same woman with broad shoulders in every single piece but with different hair and accessories to design. It could gain potential since, as mentioned previously, Gen Z does have a deep interest in fashion and could find this worth investing nft to buy


  1. Battle Infinity- This NFT has gained popularity among youngsters. You must have heard the name online if you use social media frequently. Battle Infinity is an online NFT game wherein the players gather and combat against digital monsters. It is a blockchain-based game. The digital monsters are NFTs that can be bought, sold, or exchanged. It has an interesting plot and has a good potential to give you profitable returns in the future. It offers various modes for the players to choose which one they want to play on. Players can also earn rewards by participating in various games and tournaments.  This NFT gaming platform is a good option to consider when thinking of how to buy cheap NFT art as compared to the others attracting various investors and gamers to invest in this NFT.
  2. PixelBeasts- This is a cheap NFT art collection made by Yohei Nakajima. It has different cartoons which are created in a very 80s style. These are pictures of cute animals portrayed in a retro style. At the time when PixelBeasts were created, they were priced at around 8 dollars and are still priced at a cheap rate as compared to the other NFTs and is therefore, a good answer to the question of how to buy cheap NFT art. It has good potential since the NFT market earns on portrait-based NFTs.
  3. Silks- This is a Chinese Silk project. Silks provides a cheaper option to people who are interested in digital art pieces and collecting them and the ones who are interested in how to buy cheap NFT art. It is very different from the other NFT collections. It is inspired by the Chinese artwork of silk, each NFT representing a different piece of art. Silks provide cheap options for a new investor trying to get into the market and searching for ideas on how to buy cheap NFT art. It also provides a cheaper option to people who are interested in the art of the Chinese Silk Industry with each piece showing intricate and colorful patterns and integrating the traditional art of Chinese silk with the modern concept of digital art and NFTs.
  4. AutoRAD- AutoRad is an NFT project, which is, more than different, an unusual one. Instead of depicting something cute and artistic, it has various geometrical patterns in it. According to its description, it shows the fun and lively spirit of the movement in tight compositions. It certainly does achieve this with its dynamic composition. More than attracting people to buy its NFT, this collection focuses on concepts that show authenticity. Along with that, it makes an excellent option for people searching for ways how to buy cheap NFT art. And in addition to that it is a cheap collection and has good potential. Therefore, if you are interested in conceptual art, you might try investing in this one because it is rather a cheap NFT art piece to invest in.
  5. Souls Of Nature- This NFT project consists of hand-drawn illustrations of different flora and fauna. It is divided into different levels like common, rare, epic, and legendary. The special feature of this collection is that even though only 10,000 pieces were created, it still offers a very affordable price on its NFTs, which gives access to a wider audience and enthusiasts of landscape art. Each piece has certain benefits attached to it. It also has a good meaning behind it. Souls Of Nature’s purpose is to spread awareness about endangered species and to urge people to enhance their conservation efforts. It depicts the beauty and delicacy of nature with its intricate designs, giving art enthusiasts a more affordable option in the NFT world. It helps you with the quest of how to buy cheap NFT art and also one that connects with you and the environment.
  6. Impermanent Digital- This is a very unusual project that has different beautiful pictures that when pieced together do not look like anything which is the whole point of the collection as its name suggests. It gives a different sense of personalization to each of its owners in a way that to each of its owners, an NFT can mean something else that is personal to them. It also gives you an affordable choice of an art piece when looking for how to buy cheap NFT art.
  7. Luck Block- Souls of Lucky Block is an NFT project that gives different digital assets to the people who buy it. This project has 10,000 different Lucky Blocks which have different characters on them. These Lucky Blocks can be used to access different levels of the Lucky Block game. The players can play this game and earn more Lucky Blocks and rewards in different forms. This is a cheap NFT art investment as compared to the other games and therefore, is a great entry point for someone who is looking for an option on how to buy cheap NFT art shortly.
  8.  AlphaBot Society- This is a digital robot project. It consists of 10,000 unique robots with different traits and personalities. Each of them has a different backstory and profession. The aim of this project is that it wants to create a community of people who own AlphaBots so that they can participate in various events and activities. It is a cheap NFT art collection and therefore, an affordable option for investors who are searching for options on how to buy cheap NFT art.

These are a few of the cheap and trustable NFTs in which you can start investing.


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Wrapping it Up

In this article, we talked about a few steps that you can take to start investing in the NFT market without breaking the Bank. How to buy cheap NFT art which also has the potential to give you high returns is not an easy question to answer and as a beginner, you might make a mistake or two but you never know when the market decides to act to your benefit. Therefore, these steps could be taken into consideration if you are looking for some guidance on how to buy cheap NFT art, expecting it to blow up in the future. Some of the other cheap and reliable NFTs are MetaBlaze, AwesomePossums, Secret Society of Whales, Axie Infinity, etc.


There are a few frequently asked questions answered below :

How much does an NFT cost to buy?

The price of minting an NFT can be between $ 1 to $ 500. It depends on the market if we realistically think about the price. Some NFTs have been bought for a few dollars while others have been bought for millions of dollars.

Is buying an NFT worth it?

Investing in an NFT has both advantages and disadvantages. The important thing about investing in an NFT is that it should be a tokenized asset that you like and has an established market, otherwise, investing in an NFT might not be that advantageous for you.

Is an NFT worth real money?

This is what we cannot alone decide for an NFT, the worth of an NFT is decided by the community. Moreover, the market decides what they are worth based on various factors such as the value of their previous works, their portfolio, how much have they created in the past, etc.

Can you create NFT for free?

You can indeed create an NFT for free. Various sites on the internet provide you with a platform to create an NFT for free. There are various guides available for you to follow and create an NFT for free. NFTlinkshare provides you with a full guide on how to do it too!

What type of NFT sells best?

Art Art is the collection that sells the best. NFTs based on art sell the best because the concept of an NFT was originally brought about for the artists to create their art and sell it online as though it were physical. From there, start the entire NFT story, therefore, creating NFTs based on art might bring you more profit.

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