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How to Sell NFT Art for Beginners – Guaranteed Success!

How to Sell NFT Art for Beginners - Guaranteed Success!

Learn the ins and outs of how to sell NFT art as a beginner with our guaranteed success tips and strategies. Start your NFT art journey today!


But wait, let’s understand what exactly is the hype around these NFTs. NFTs or Non-Fungible tokens are a kind of digital art that simply cannot be replaced. It is original, unique, authentic, and the ‘IT’ art form to go around the growing NFT community.

International art trading has evolved as a result of the advancement of the Internet. The days of an artist creating a one-of-a-kind piece and hoping it will sell for a fair price at a neighborhood auction are long gone.


Art can no longer be duplicated or replaced, making it a non-fungible asset. Through this technique, all artists are granted exclusivity rights. The definition part is quite simple to understand and comprehend so let’s talk about how you can enter this digital NFT world. Firstly, let’s focus on how to sell NFT art for beginners and whether is it easy to sell an NFT. The answer is yes! Just check every step mentioned below and voila! 

Create an Attractive Logo

Before you dive into the selling market, create a compelling digital image for your company logo. After all, NFTs can either be incredibly enchanting or gray-dull, so, why not capture buyers by putting up a strong front? Your company logo becomes your image and reputation; an intriguing logo will most definitely attract increased potential clients. Another upside for you will be the formation of trust and reliance in the hearts of your clients. 


how to sell an nft


You might have observed how all high-quality products come from a highly reputed organization; that is exactly what we are trying to replicate here. Once you have established a good reputation for your art, you can soon receive recognition for it via the logo.

This helps in building a buyer-seller trust. Your customers will instantly recognize you and be willing to share your work and invest in it themselves to meet your selling criteria.


Now that we are clear on the introduction of your company, how about we familiarize ourselves with where to sell digital art for beginners?

Where To Sell Digital Art: Choose the Right NFT Marketplace


It is quite evident that there are multiple platforms available for you to sell your NFTs but are all of them the right choice? Among a plethora of websites, there are a few websites that will help you reel in the big bucks of the Ethereum blockchain. The responsibility falls in your hands to adopt accuracy while researching your target audience and finding out which website they prefer visiting while looking for authentic digital NFT.


At the same time, before you go on to sell your NFTs, do not forget to make your own account on the marketplace. Even though many websites allow you to use your credit cards to complete your transaction, it is preferable to have a digital wallet where you can make your payments through cryptocurrency.

Also, remember, that although there can be fixed rates for your NFTs, there are some platforms that let potential clients place bids on your work. This will always work in your favor because according to recent surveys, it has been predicted that the NFT marketplace is expected to generate a market size of around $80 million by the year 2025. So, don’t second-guess your NFT art, have faith and let it boom in the marketplace. This is where to sell digital art.

Further, there must be one question arising in your mind, what is the best platform to sell digital art? Well, here is the best website for you to curate and sell your NFTs. is among the best websites for you especially if you are a beginner. Why? Because as a group, they allow you to promote your NFTs for free while also giving you master key access to the treasures of the digital art universe.

Their mission is to help you do free NFT marketing which helps you save a few bucks in your digital wallet. The marketing technique that this platform uses is first and foremost an NFT promoter; you cannot expect your art to sell if no one sees it.

Then it gives you access to NFT marketplaces on every blockchain for every marketplace has a unique group of investors. Investors will definitely look at the intricacy of your art before investing so why not give them a free gate pass to your collection? 

One very unique strategy used by is an NFT airdrop. It sounds very intriguing and is too. It is an NFT marketing technique that allows creators or curators to scatter their NFTs as a promotional gift to their target audience. You can sort through a specific group of people to find out who are the people capable enough to invest in your art and then send them your project to instill a sense of interest in their minds.


where to sell digital art


This will increase your chance of visibility in a congregation of competition while also increasing engagement hand in hand. The concept of NFT airdrop is being used by many artists and developers to cross off elements from their checklist well within the NFT ecosystem. 

Another amazing feature of is that it allows you to collaborate with creators who have a similar mindset or have the same taste in art as you. Just like the saying goes, ‘Two are better than one’; when you collaborate with other artists in the marketplace, it instantly surges your chances of being discovered by a larger group of audience. They reckon that if two powerful minds came together as one, they could meld into one of the strongest driving forces. 

Now, to understand how one can enjoy the benefits of this utilitarian platform; the very first step is to get registered. Once you have registered, you can easily explore a variety of NFTs and get a lay of the land before posting your own. It is always the better option to inspect the strength your opposition might hold.

Further, you can then add your own NFTs on the platform and follow the no-cost marketing procedures to enhance the visibility of your NFTs. It provides you with effective promotional strategies that can elevate your NFT collection.

In addition to this, it succeeds in connecting to users from every blockchain so that you can have a chance to traverse through different marketplaces. Another benefit is the NFT apps that it will recommend to stay up to date with the latest trends in the market. 

This is the leading NFT marketplace along with a beginner’s guide to NFT marketing in this time and technology. It has unique features and lets you know how to sell an NFT with complete ease and security.

Buying Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency you should choose if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies. It is compatible with all marketplaces and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Why is it necessary to purchase money before creating it? On the blockchain, transactions are not free. Listing and minting are fees, even as a seller. You can prevent any problems by making sure your cryptocurrency wallet has enough money in it.


There are a few ways for you to buy crypto. The easiest way would be credit cards followed by bank transfers and payment apps. But, don’t think that if you want to buy NFT art, there wouldn’t be any face-to-face exchanges. You most definitely can buy crypto by giving cash to a friend in exchange for a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency.

Once you have enough cryptocurrency to get you started, you can safely store it in your crypto wallet. This will reduce your worry about how to sell NFT art by 50%. And now we know that selling digital art makes money, we are talking big bucks here. From a few hundred dollars to a six-figure, one NFT can sell in a click! 


How to Sell NFT Art Without Gas Fee


You need to know that on the Ethereum blockchain, gas fees are the cost associated with creating, purchasing, and selling NFTs. For those hoping to create and collect NFTs, this has presented several challenges.


It gets harder for artists to mint and sell their creations when gas rates are high. In certain instances, gas costs may be more than the cost of the digital assets being offered for sale and have no bearing on the digital asset’s absolute value. For up-and-coming artists who haven’t yet achieved their name recognition, this is particularly challenging.


how to sell nft art without gas fee


In essence, when an artist overcharges to draw in larger rates, they may struggle to sell their work if their reputation isn’t strong enough. 


For a beginner, you cannot afford to pay gas fees every step of the way. Using “lazy minting” is another method for digital artists to avoid paying NFT gas expenses. There is a lag in the blockchain’s NFT recording.

On certain NFT marketplaces, it is possible to create non-fungible tokens, post them for sale, and then, once a buyer makes an offer, pay for the gas required to record the NFT on the chain. The gas fee is paid and added to the transaction price once a purchase is approved.


Listing several NFTs as a “collection”—basically grouping the assets and offering them to a buyer as a single unit—is another way, how to sell NFT art without a gas fee.


Convert your Digital Art into NFT


This is the moment you have been waiting for. After all the hard work, now is the time for you to hit that upload button on the marketplace and unleash your digital art to the ocean of buyers and enthusiasts. All your doubts will vanish once you see how much people are willing to appreciate and spend on your NFT art


If you still are a little confused about converting images into NFTs then there are converting software available that you can go for. Choose the piece of art or image that you wish to convert to NFT. This picture could be anything, such as a treasured snapshot, a celebrity photograph, or even a piece of digital or tangible art you made. Consider whether it makes sense for you to convert this piece of art into an NFT before selecting it. Is there a buyer for it? Is NFT actually profitable?


Label your Digital NFT


Appreciation of art comes from a dedicated story behind it. When we say that a particular piece of art conveys a story, it defines the thoughts, the efforts, the emotions, and the vision behind it. So, it is very important to write a compelling description below your NFT to attract more clients. 


You have free will to write it in as much detail as you want because it will either make a good sale or create a bad impression. It all depends on your creative side. Let all those creative juices in your brain flow to come up with something that the customers will find irresistible. 


Place a Fixed Rate or Schedule an Auction


First off, there’s no set formula for figuring out how much an NFT will cost. A creator can sell their work in a secondary NFT marketplace and quote any price. However, a creator also has the option to adjust a price at the last minute in response to a buyer’s interest. We refer to this as the buying price. Whatever the case, a developer will have total control over choosing the optimal NFT price plan. 


Digital art


Having fixed rates is convenient when you know how much your NFT is worth but what if you feel like that very same piece of art can sell for a much higher price given a better audience? This is why auctions exist. But, NFT auctions differ significantly from traditional or internet auctions, even if they may seem similar.

An important part of the procedure is smart contracts. They set the settings for the auction rules and the transaction. The start and finish times, minimum bids, bid increments, and reserve price can all be specified using smart contracts.


The smart contract and linked wallet immediately start the transaction and transfer of ownership when a buyer fulfills all the requirements as the highest bidder, and the public blockchain records this event. Diving deeper into the topic, there are three types of auctions on the NFT marketplace. 

  • Auction: Bidding for the asset is required in a basic NFT auction. The NFT is won and its owner is the highest bidder. By allowing the market to choose the greatest selling price, auctions loosen the lid on this possibility. Similar to conventional auctions, there’s a chance of undervaluing the item. Because of this, effective execution and market dispersion are crucial to the success of the auction process.For example, if the starting price is set at $200, then it can go on to increase to $300, $400, and $700 until let’s consider the highest bid of $900 till the end time. This then becomes the standard protocol of an auction.
  • Dutch Auction: Dutch auctions function differently from regular auctions in that the starting price is gradually lowered until it reaches the reserve price or the winning bidder receives the final item. It is intended to get the highest average selling price by selling the full collection.
    In a sort of reverse bidding, the market value is determined by lowering the going price until a bid is placed. The NFT collection is still up for sale, with every digital asset being sold. This is a very good NFT drop method. Hesitant customers can hold off until they can take advantage of the offer at a cost that suits them.
  • Buy now: Although it isn’t really an auction with increasing bids, a “buy now” option allows you to display a fixed price and the fastest buyer will take possession of the item. Brands can integrate NFTs into the ecosystem of the marketplace and provide a valuable resource that fans and keen buyers may seize right away. Prices are entirely within the control of brands and sellers

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! The aforementioned is your complete guide for understanding the NFT marketplace. As a beginner, we understand how difficult it could become in your head to enter a whole new world.

But the process of making, buying, and selling of NFT is not as difficult as it might come across.  All you have to do is follow the above steps and register yourself with a well-established marketplace with zero to minimal extra effort.

Take note that even if you are the seller, you will have to invest cryptocurrency in your work as soon as you hit the create button. And even after that, there is a commission fee and transaction fee to be paid once your NFT is bought. Your account will be connected to your crypto wallet, so whatever amount is to be paid will be debited accordingly. 

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